Give Your Child
The Gift Of A Well-Rounded Education

Now Enrolling! Take Advantage Of Those Crucial Early Years With A Blend Of Montessori And Traditional Curricula That Jumpstarts Learning

Give Your Child The Gift Of The Montessori Experience

Take Advantage Of Those Crucial Early Years And Thrive With A Globally Recognized Education

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Set Between Plano Rd And Yale Blvd, Just 3 Miles East Of Central Expy

A Strong, Well-Rounded Head Start

The world-renowned Montessori Method lays the foundations for limitless possibilities. When combined with a traditional early learning curriculum, your child masters the all-around skills to become a confident, creative, and intelligent young person with a bright future. 

A Facility Purpose-Built For Parents And Learners

Enjoy the benefits of a beautiful purpose-built preschool, enhanced with parent-friendly features that make your life easier. Your child feels at home, and you avoid stressful school runs with parking on-site and a socially distanced pick-up system.

A Prepared Environment Empowers Children To Discover

A Montessori-style classroom, known as a prepared environment, invites exploration and discovery. Thoughtfully and purposefully arranged learning materials are ready for use and easy to reach, so children choose what interests them and see where their imagination leads them. 

Further Exploration With Outdoor Play

A connection with nature and the outside world is integral to balancing out your child’s education. They enjoy outdoor play in the fresh air every day. They learn about growth as they tend to the gardens and build physical skills on natural, climbable play structures.

Building Motor Skills Whatever The Weather

A dedicated indoor play space ensures that children can build strength and balance through fun and games even when it’s raining outside. The gross motor playroom features climbing structures and equipment for vital physical development.

Fresh, Clean, And Spotless For Your Peace Of Mind

Your child’s well-organized classroom stays sparkling clean, thanks to a team of on-site cleaners who follow a strict sanitization regime. Every surface, classroom, toy, and piece of equipment is germ-free to keep children healthy and happy. 

All-Natural SafePassTM ID System Removes Mold, Germs, & Pathogens

Expect a natural solution with the innovative SafePass Clean Air technology. The SafePass™️ ID System eliminates 99% of bacteria, mold, and germs from surfaces as well as eliminating pathogens from the air in your child breathes. Choose a healthy indoor environment.

Security Measures Keep Children Safe And Sound

Rest assured your child is safe at all times. Our comprehensive protections include access controls for all entrances and internal-use security cameras to monitor all areas. A secure privacy fence protects the playground and outside spaces.

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