With Strong Building Blocks Kids Can Conquer Anything

Your Preschooler Looks Forward To Their Happy Future With All The Tools They Need To Succeed

With Strong Building Blocks Kids Can Conquer Anything

Your Preschooler Looks Forward To Their Happy Future With All The Tools They Need To Succeed

PRE-K: 4 - 5 years | Serving Arlington, Midlothian, Fort Worth & Richardson, TX

Top-Ranked Learning For Your Confidence

Trust in a preschool education accredited by the National Accreditation Commission (NAC) and awarded four stars by the Texas Rising Star program. Through our certifications, we show our commitment to your child’s success.

Preparing For Kindergarten With Play, Fun, And Purpose

Your child looks ahead with confidence, thanks to research-based lessons that inspire. Through engaging projects and works, your child lays a solid foundation in literacy, math, and science, including number operations, geometry, spatial awareness, and problem-solving.

Preparing The Whole Child For Success And Happiness

Dedicated, loving teachers use Montessori-inspired and Conscious Discipline® techniques to help your child develop their sense of self-worth. As they learn the importance of kindness, independence, diversity, and self-regulation, they prepare for life success.

Learning Centers Help Imaginations Soar

Your child’s classroom has centers full of purposeful play materials so they can discover new interests, create fun games with their friends, and let their imaginations run wild, all while utilizing the academic concepts they’ve been learning. 

Structure And Schedules For Vital Discipline

Your child grows and thrives with structured days of exciting learning. As they follow a daily schedule designed specifically to meet their developmental needs, they learn the boundaries and discipline to serve them when they start school.

Fun And Friendships Flourish Outdoors

With regular playtimes in our spacious, well-equipped outside spaces, your child masters their physical control and confidence through fun and games with their peers, developing social skills and friendships for the future.

Yoga And Spanish Add Texture To Learning

Weekly enrichments broaden children’s horizons and offer the chance to learn extra skills for a well-equipped toolbox. Spanish language lessons open their eyes to the wider world, and yoga classes help children lengthen and strengthen their bodies. 

Breakfast, Lunch, And Snacks Provided

Your child is healthy, happy, and full of energy thanks to a state-approved meal plan. With a focus on nutrition and a nut-free guarantee, your child’s food gives them what they need to grow and thrive every day.

Safe And Secure For Your Assurance

Protective measures keep your preschool safe each day. All entrances feature access controls for authorized personnel only. Tall, secure fences surround and mask the playground, and security cameras keep watch. 

Parent-Teacher Communication For Stronger Partnerships

You are the first, strongest member of your child’s care team, and their teacher welcomes your insight and input. Communication helps your child’s teacher better personalize their learning, and you feel like your questions and concerns are answered with transparency. 

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